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Monthly Bible Study sessions

Hey sis! Join me for our monthly Bible study. Bible study is a great way for us to explore the word of God together and build community together. Sign up below to get access to our exclusive monthly Bible studies + workbook material. I can't wait to study God's word with you!


What is the price for the live session?

Sis, Jesus paid it all on the cross! Bible study is FREE FREE!

How should I access and the workbook?

You can print the workbook or download it onto your favorite app to take notes as we go along. I recommend GoodNotes if you have an iPad and iPencil. It's my favorite thing! After the study you can take a deeper dive into the topics we discussed and the reflection questions to guide your quiet time.

Why do you need my email for me to access the Bible Study?

The email addresses are collected to help us identify if you are interested in joining us for Bible study. In following months, your workbook will come directly to your email. We never sell your information and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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